From: MGySgt James M. Hunter

Dearest FRWF,

WOW!!!!!  What can I say, but THANK YOU so very much... I got all your boxes and handed them out to a few of my sections a few days ago.  Then I got on a plan to some of the outer Operating Bases and took a few of them with me to give to these Marines as well.  I cannot get over all the wonderful things you sent.  The Marines were so excited with all the items, I am mean all the
items.  Every box has been given out and being enjoyed by the Marines...God Bless you and all that helped.  You have no clue just how much these really means to us, to know people are concerned and support us.  Each and every box was received with open arms and glad heart.  Bless you all....  
Semper Fi...
MGySgt James M. Hunter
Maintenance Chief
Camp Bastion, Afghanistan