From: Maj Eddie Hammett, USMC

Greetings from Afghanistan!  On behalf of myself, my 1stSgt, and our Squadron HQ back home,  We Thank You! Our Marines just received quite a few packages from your Outreach Committee. We are very grateful for your generosity and thinking of us while we are forward deployed. Our Marines will definitely put these resources to good use. Not every base that we are located at  have the luxuries that you all have so kindly provided. I am humbled each time that I see these type of gestures from those whom we serve in communities like yours. Not every community in the States go to these extraordinary efforts to support the troops. Know that your thoughts, prayers and gestures of kindness do not go unnoticed. We appreciate and thank you for your dedication to the Marines that serve forward on foreign soils so that the enemy wont visit ours!
I have attached a few notes from the field that my 1stSgt have collected and thought you may enjoy.
PFC Anthony Retel (Bravo Co) Life here  is not too bad. I'm learning a lot about my MOS and how to apply it in an actual field environment. I feel like I'm making a difference out here with what I'm able to help with keeping all general communications up so we can keep this ball rolling. I like it out here and have no complaints; life out here is going how I expected it to or how others told me what it'd be like.

LCpl Schwarting (Bravo Co) "It's really interesting out here to see the differences between the US and other countries. It's been a memorable experience, between learning about new cultures and learning about why Marines are so highly regarded the world round. I'm learning a lot about my MOS with the hands on experience and I'm doing quite a few MCIs. Missing everyone back home and looking forward to seeing you when I get back."
LCpl Flowers (Bravo Co) "This place is HOT! It smells like a porta john and oddly enough the chow is better here than on Cherry Point. I really enjoy the NATO gym out here and I love getting my swole on. The surprise to me so far has been all the countries we have met out here Belgians, Dutch, Canadians, Slovakians and French just to name a few."

LCpl Hughes (Bravo Co)  "It's been an exciting experience to interact with different units and different branches. The hands on experience within my MOS while deployed n a combat zone has taught me its what you know and how fast you can perform that sets you apart. The one real downside is that this place is extremely hot and dry, my hair does not like this place. The chow is decent."
SSgt Constant (Bravo Co) " It's been a quick few weeks and the time is going by fast. We are all greatly awaiting the cooler months of fall and winter to beat this heat of daily triple digits. We have been able to interact with a lot of the countries out here and trying to remember each of their rank structures has been a challenge to say the least. My favorites are the Canadians, they are so jovial and happy to be here. That can partially be explained by the hockey rink and Tim Hortons here on base. It's been an interesting deployment and is shaping up to be a memorable one.
Semper Fidelis