We do our part to deliver small thank you’s for their huge sacrifice.

Our military families make many sacrifices to protect our freedom. We are fortunate to be able to show them that we appreciate and care for them. 

You can read some of the letters we’ve received from men and women overseas over the years and see firsthand how a little love makes a huge impact.

Care Packages

Another passion of Freedom Frontline is sending care packages to our troops overseas. They have given up so much for our freedom we believe the least we can do is send them a piece of home during the holidays. You can read some of the letters sent from the men and women overseas who have received our packages over the years.


Community Events

One of the many community events Freedom Frontline volunteers participate in is the annual Father/Daughter dance at Camp Pendleton. This very popular event sponsored by the Armed Services YMCA often hosts about five hundred fathers and daughters for dancing, dinner and raffles and we are honored to do our part in making the night as special as possible!


Food Drives

Freedom Frontline does their part by partnering with Camp Pendleton MOM (Military Outreach Ministry) to conduct food drives. In past food drives we have managed anywhere between 8-11 full grocery baskets with an average of about $200 in cash and are always looking for volunteers to help grow those numbers.



We can’t do this without your help. Join Freedom Frontline as a due paying member to fund our efforts, a volunteer to bring our efforts to life, or as a donor to help our mission.