"Common Sense Voting Act Initiative"

"Common Sense Voting Act Initiative"

aka  the California Voter Identification Law

Now more than ever, a California voter identification law is needed to guard your vote and prevent voter impersonation.  

Before the May 2014 deadline, signatures of over 650,000 California registered voters must be gathered on Voter Identification Initiative Petitions to ensure this measure qualifies for the November ballot to allow California registered voters to decide.

Can you help gather signatures? 

Volunteer petition signing hosts are urgently needed to gather the signatures of registered California voters on qualifying Petitions before the May deadline, or the C0mm0n Sense Voting Act Initiative will not qualify for the November 2014  ballot.  

As a Petition Signing Host, you would be helping California registered voters in your community have easy access to sign the qualifying Petition for the C0mm0n Sense Voting Act Initiative.  We will be gathering signatures at your local:  Albertson's, Sprouts, Trader Joes and college.

Time is short and there is much to do ... 

For the each Petition signing day in March, we need a minimum of 12 volunteers.  If you can volunteer  2 1/2 hours to  gather signatures, please "reply" to this email and complete the Volunteer Information Form below. Type an "x" next to the best day, time and location on the form or return it to:  volunteer.FF01@gmail.com.

If you have friends who may like to volunteer, please forward this email to them and team up.

A complimentary $5 Starbuck coffee card will be given to each volunteer.

We will be contacting you soon after receiving your Voter Information Form to confirm scheduling details.  Please call or email your questions to me.  

Thank you.

Kind regards,
Debbie Barkley
Guard Your Vote
Assistant volunteer coordinator
C:  858-775-3570
Email:  volunteer.FF01@gmail.com