STU - First Round Table Discussion!

STU, Strength Through Unity - We the People!

(Formerly known as FRWF)

As you had time to digest the news about FRWF – we would like to invite you to our first 'ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION' 
about "Neighborhood Legislature"
Guest Speaker:
John Cox
February 3rd, at 7 pm
9365 Waples Street, San Diego, CA 92121.

Join us as we re-organize, re-energize – and become the leader again, providing we are stepping up to the plate – having meaningful events in order to reclaim America.

We the People cannot trust our Government any longer - We the People need to make the change.

Bring a Friend, reach out to Students, Independent, Libertarian, Republican and all who belief in 'One America' .


Ursula Wagstaff Kuster, Chair
RSVP: by calling 858-450-1717, or 760-807-5827 or emailing

PS: Our membership fee remains the same, $ 75.00 per year , Students $ 35.00.